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Hotel Room Designs

Hotel Room Designs

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What is a room design? It's the gift of both an experience and items that you keep that help you celebrate the most romantic moments of your life. 

Imagine....walking into your hotel room and expecting to just roll your suitcase into the closet, check out the hotel's welcome letter and room service menu, and lay down on the bed for a minute. What's next? Off to sightsee, perhaps dinner and then back to the room for a little TV or reading and then lights out. Not too interesting of a story, is it.

With a Romantic Room Design, you enter a hotel room that is lit only by the site of flickering candles. As you follow a trail of rose petals, you find your bed decorated with an array of romantic items. The mood is set for a romantic adventure (and keep in mind these can be set up either prior to check in or while you are out to dinner). 

Now, when you check out of your hotel room and people ask, "How was your stay?" you will have quite a story to tell them. Even though the person that purchases the package plays the part of our "romantic hero," you both get to enjoy these extra special touches that romanticize your room. Because everything is yours to keep, you can recreate your night in the future at another hotel - or at home!

We are based in Monterey County, California, and have been in business since 2006. We only offer our services in Monterey County, California. 


Hotel Room Decoration - Monterey County, California


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