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Romantic Room Designs/Romantic Celebrations has been featured on ABC TV's The View from the Bay, Carmel Magazine, The Monterey Herald, Ink Magazine, The Carmel Pine Cone, The Los Gatos Weekly Times, Los Altos Town Crier, San Jose Mercury News and was selected as a gift item for a Pre-Emmy ™ Awards party and recently requested by Playboy ™ TV. As former hospitality executives, we have over 40 years of combined experience and have performed designed at over 90 local hotels (including Bernardus Lodge, Quail Lodge, Monterey Plaza Hotel, Carmel Valley Ranch, Portola Hotel, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Park Hyatt, Cypress Inn, Tickle Pink Inn, Spindrift Inn, Monterey Bay Inn) and in over 30 states. 

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Romantic Room Designs

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Everything was fabulous! Great Job! My fiance was so pleasantly surprised both nights. Kudos to you!!!

Thanks for the beautiful memories.

G. Sampson

Tickle Pink INn


Good morning Brian:

I am a born skeptic, so when I ordered the Romantic Bedroom from you, I
did so with a (now ungrounded) twinge of trepidation. My wife was wonderfully surprised and incredibly delighted to find the room decorated  on our return from dinner.
I also run my own business, so I thought you should know that I will recommend you and your company without hesitation. While my company performs miracles in accomplishing timely deliveries worldwide, (surprising even me at times), we seldom receive the accolades my staff deserves.
You must savor and relish the self-satisfaction of the experiences you produce.
Thank you again - you helped to create a beautiful memory of our stay in Monterey.



I would like to say "thank you" for the great room decoration (for my proposal) and I had a very special romantic night at the Simpson House Inn (in Santa Barbara)!!! I will definitely tell my buddies about your Romantic Room Designs website.

Sigmund Yee


My best friend was speechless when we finally got to the bonfire. He tried to read the words written in rose petals and when he was able to figure out that it was meant for him, he was too stunned to say anything. He kept looking at me lovingly, teary-eyed, overwhelmed with the gesture. For about 10 to 15 minutes, he just kept staring at me, shaking his head in shock and awe--and after it kinda wore off, he hugged me and said "Nobody has done anything like this for me! I feel like I'm the most special person on earth right now! And thank you for making me feel like one!"

Long story short, we had the most romantic and wonderful time celebrating his birthday at the beach, watching the sunset together, keeping ourselves warm.....

When we got back to the inn, he could not believe his eyes when he saw the bed with the rose petals, LED flicker lights, and "diamonds". He was stunned to say the least! He asked me how and where I got these wonderful ideas from. I told him, it was all your ideas and that I wanted to surprise him on his birthday.

Thank you, Brian, for allowing both my best friend and I to experience the most exhilarating and enchanted sunset date ever! We look forward to going back to Carmel....

Paula C., 

It could not have been more perfect! She was blown away, I was impressed and she said YES! Again, I want to say thank you very much and I will forever be thankful for the part you played in this.

D. Kemplen, 

Thank you so much for doing a great job on decorating the room! My boyfriend was completely surprised and he loved it! I have told so many people about your services and how great the outcome was. Oh, and the music playing from the I-POD was a great touch to set the mood.

Karissa Monroy


The Bonfire was absolutely fantastic! We will always remember the entire event! Sooo glad you had the link to your services. It was a great 20th Anniversary and we will recommend you Highly!

Joyce and Steve, Squaw Valley, CA, 

I recently took a romantic trip to Monterey and stayed in the Hotel pacific for my girlfriends 30th birthday and I wanted it to be a perfect getaway from the stresses of such a touchy transitional birthday as you ladies may know. I just wanted everyone to take note of a company I used called romanticroomdesigns.com

This has got to be the single smartest thing I did on my romantic trip. The company offers really cool packages or they do 'made to order' items that include but not limited to, silk rose petal trails leading to your bed, candles real and electric if needed (BTW the electric versions fooled the staff who thought they were real), various naughty massage oil type items and champagne all of which is secretly setup in your room of choice before you arrive at the hotel. They even did a hand written note in my words and had bows and feathery items strategically place. My girlfriend was so surprised, simply blow away to say the least. If you're a man who wants to wow your loved one, its money well spent. The package I got even came with a nicely designed "do not disturb" sign I hung on the door of course..... All of the items were great mementos that my girlfriend has kept from the trip. Ordering was easy and the people were very helpful in helping me choose the right things. What can I say.... other then use them and you'll look like a super hero! I'm sure this review sounds like I work for the company, but I'm really just a regular guy who does my research and the results were so successful that I just had to share this little gem!

Joel, (Hotel Pacific)

A beautiful table was set up by "Romantic Room Designs" with rose pettals, lace, candle light, roses, champange, etc. "Romantic Room Designs" came into the room ahead of our arrival time and set up the room. When my husband and I check in (this was a surprise for my husband) he walked in the room and was blown away. The dinner its self was ordered though "Door Bell Dining" who delivers from restaurants all around the area. I would recomend "Romantic Room Designs" for all kinds of occasions. Check out their site romanticroomdesigns.com. Two thumbs up for our stay in Carmel

Barbara D.,(Cobblestone Inn)

The concierge recommended Romantic Room Designs to me as we were going there for Valentines day. This company did a fabulous job on the room, my wife almost fell over when she saw it.

Jackson, Canada (Carmel Valley Ranch)

Brian I wanted to thank you for the great job you did for me at the Gosby House on Valentines Day. Lori was totally overwhelmed and was crying even before she read the "Message in a bottle." Lori said it was the best Valentines day in her life.It was quite emotional for me also just seeing the look on her face.You did a great job decorating the room.
Thank you

Randy O., (Gosby House Inn)

Thank you for the work you did on our room at Bernardus Lodge. Your company did an amazing job that made that night even more memorable.

Stephen T., San Francisco, CA

Hi Brian, I would like to thank you very much by your very professional and perfect service. I was afraid about the shortest time I gave you to prepare everything, because I bougth it on Sunday, just before my long trip from Brazil to California, with no phone contact with you. And, when we arrived in the Lantern Green Hotel in Carmel, at 3 PM on Monday, my wife cried with emotions and became very happy with the beautiful surprise I gave to her, thanks by your delivery on-time. It was the beginning of a wonderful week celebrating 25 years married. It was one of those magic moments that stay forever in our soul. Room Romantic Design is now part of our history life.

Antonio Canova, Brazil

That was the most incredible night ever!...First and foremost, you helped create a memory that will last with us the rest of our lives. Steph was blown away by the unique and romantic idea you have come up with... I can't begin to tell you how many positive comments we've had about the entire proposal. A very fine touch and I appreciate all that you have done.

Robert S., Los Angeles


I guess you have another success story!

My new fiancée and I were absolutely thrilled with what you did for us. We cannot say enough about how wonderful the setup and location were, and the "message in a bottle" was such a beautiful touch. Thank you so much for helping with a memory that we'll cherish for a lifetime. If you ever need a reference, feel free to contact me.

Dave Berkowitz, San Francisco





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